Hormone solutions that help you feel like yourself again.

Harness the power of your hormones
for optimal energy and performance.

The key to optimal energy and performance.

You’re unique. Your approach to hormonal health should be, too.

My name is Dr. Meghan MacKinnon. For over ten years, I have helped countless women improve their health through my evidence-based approach to hormone care.

As a woman, you’re likely aware your hormones have the power to profoundly impact your physical and mental wellbeing, particularly as you age or bring new life into the world.

Hormones are the foundation of women’s health; they’re not simply something that happens to you—they are an inherent part of you.

I believe every woman can overcome the rollercoaster ride of imbalances by harnessing the power of your hormones to enhance mood, improve energy, relieve stress, and live life to the fullest.

I take a preventative approach to hormone health that is grounded in clinical science.

By investigating a variety of factors that contribute to your wellbeing, we’ll get to the bottom of your concerns and I’ll advise on a comprehensive treatment plan that’s right for you.

Natural hormone solutions for all of life’s stages.

From caring for your day-to-day health to addressing major life events.

I just don’t feel like myself

is a statement I often hear from my clients.

I reject the notion that women should accept feeling unlike themselves as normal.
My mission is to empower women just like you to take charge of their health and never
settle for feeling anything less than optimal. I provide you with the information and care
you need through a range of mediums, including traditional one-on-one sessions,
masterclasses, access to courses, Women’s Health Groups, and more. I focus on:

Pregnancy & Fertility

My customized natural fertility plan is grounded in the latest scientific research and combines variations of laboratory testing, diet analysis, detoxification, acupuncture, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Once conception occurs, I work with you to ensure a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and (of course) baby.

Hormone Balancing

Your late 30s and 40s hold some of the most rewarding stages of a woman’s life, but can also come with new challenges. Your kids might have grown to be (relatively) independent or you’re feeling more settled in your career. And hopefully, you finally have the time and
space to prioritize your own needs again. Now is the time to ask: How do you really feel? Together, we can work on your journey to better health by balancing your hormones to
enhance your energy, your mood, your libido, and your overall well-being.

Path to Longevity

It’s never too late to make a change for the better; the care you give yourself now will influence your life for years to come. Perhaps you’ve noticed your energy has started to slip as you mature beyond menopause. Or, you want to take a pro-active approach to your
health so you can continue your legacy with grace and meaningful contribution. I support high-performing women who are motivated to live long and healthy lives.

Treatments that support your best self.

Treatment options, at the convenient click of a button.

When it comes to the best vitamins and supplements to support my patients’ hormonal health, not all products are created equal. I carefully evaluate the top vitamins and supplements and handpick only those that meet my rigorous standards for quality and efficacy. For added convenience, all patients have access to an online supplement ordering platform.

Are you ready to take control of your hormonal health?

You’re in good hands.

Whether you are getting started on your journey to better health, have a specific concern, or are looking for support as you transition to your next hormonal stage, I’m here to help.

Together, we’ll find an approach that’s tailored to your unique needs and get you feeling better than ever before.

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