An evidence-based approach to your hormone health

You should never accept feeling anything less than optimal.

For over 10 years, I have been supporting women (just like you) who have decided to take control of their health and live happier and longer lives. Whether you’re exploring the potential benefits of hormone treatment or are looking to address a specific health concern, I’ll help you feel better than ever before.

As women, we know our hormones have the power to profoundly impact our physical and mental wellbeing, particularly as we age or bring new life into the world. As a mother, I especially understand the imbalances many of my patients encounter during those major life transitions.

Far too often, my clients come to me saying, “I just don’t feel like myself anymore.”

This is where I step in.

I’m Dr. Meghan MacKinnon, Naturopathic Doctor and women’s health and hormone strategist.

My mission is to empower you to overcome the rollercoaster ride of imbalances by harnessing the power of your hormones to enhance mood, optimize energy, relieve stress, and live life to the fullest.

My inquisitive nature, together with my educational background in comparative physiology, ensure I’m bringing the latest knowledge in clinical research to the table. I am constantly looking for ways to motivate my clients to embrace change beyond their comfort zone, a mindset I dub my “atmosphere of growth.”

Preventative health solutions you can trust.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I address your health using treatments that are safe and grounded in science you can trust. Together, we’ll investigate a variety of factors that contribute to your wellbeing and get to the bottom of your concerns. I’ll advise on a comprehensive treatment plan that’s not only right for you, but allows you to take total charge of your health for the long haul.

Over the years, I have fine-tuned my sense for seeing exactly what my patients need, but my understanding of how I can best support you is continuously evolving. What stays consistent, year after year, is my high level of care. My clients trust me to tell them exactly how it is, so when I don’t have the answers, I’ll collaborate with health professionals in my network to ensure you are receiving the best possible treatment advice.

Ready to take back control of your hormone health?