Have a happy and healthy baby with a customized natural fertility plan

Having a baby should be a joy, however, more and more couples are having difficulties and are struggling with conceiving naturally. Dr. Meghan works with couples coming off contraception with plans of starting a family or families who have been working with fertility specialists to improve their chances of conceiving.

Dr. Meghan is on the forefront of research into causes of infertility and can help couples with known diagnoses such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, hormonal imbalances, immune-mediated infertility, as well as those with unexplained infertility. She also helps couples to cope with the emotional stress that trying to conceive can put on a relationship and works with all types of families trying to conceive.

Naturopathic treatments may help support ovulation, improve lining, improve egg quality, and increase your success with an IVF or IUI transfer.

Her recommendations combine a variation of laboratory testing, diet analysis, detoxification, acupuncture, vitamins, and herbal supplements, and once conception occurs works with moms to ensure a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and of course, baby!