My Process

I help you to harness your hormones for optimal energy and performance. To do this, I have developed the E4 System© to help guide women to their optimal health.


First thing’s first, we need to see if we’re in alignment with a complimentary meeting or session, so you feel confident in taking the next step with your health. Once we’ve determined it’s a good fit, you schedule your initial appointment so we can explore all areas of your health.


Proper assessment is an important step in my approach. Bloodwork or other lab testing options will be discussed and ordered as needed to guide our next steps with treatment.


Once the assessment is fully complete, it’s all about reviewing your results, detailed explanations about why something may be recommended so you feel assured in the steps you’re taking with your health.


Action time! With a plan in motion that you fully understand you will feel empowered and inspired to implement the things discussed into your daily life. We will then set up times to monitor bloodwork, your progress and symptoms on an as-needed basis depending on your health goals.