Metabolism and Hormone Optimization

Don’t let your hormones get in the way of your nutrition and fitness goals. 

When hormones are working optimally, they play a vital role in promoting a strong and efficient metabolism.

When it comes to nutrition, there are A LOT of mixed messages out there and I want to be sure you have access to the best quality, evidence-based ways to support optimal health.  This is why I created Master Your Metabolism ©, to support you in achieving these goals in a sustainable, flexible and non-restrictive manner.

Your metabolism, nutrition and fitness goals may be for any of the following reasons:

  • Weight loss or building muscle
  • Addressing your elevated cholesterol
  • Reducing blood sugar and/or insulin resistance/pre-diabetes
  • Reducing fatty liver disease
  • Maintaining your health and fitness in your 40s and post menopause
  • Health prevention and promotion
  • Optimizing your hormone concerns for perimenopause, PCOS, hypothyroidism/ Hashimoto’s

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