By: Dr. Meghan MacKinnon, ND
York Region Naturopathic Doctor

By now you must have heard some of your friends, family or coworkers discussing their new supplement routine by adding collagen to their smoothies or morning coffee- but is there any merit to this and why is collagen so important?

Collagen is a protein rich structure that helps to make up connective tissue, like our joints, skin, hair and nails. Think about it as the scaffolding support when a building is being constructed to provide the structure and stability it needs. As you can probably imagine, as we age, our collagen begins to decline. This is can lead to bone, muscle and joint instability, more wrinkles, loss of elasticity in the skin as well as brittle hair and nails.

Research has found that including a collagen supplement can significantly improve nail growth, skin hydration, skin wrinkling and elasticity. There is even some research that it may help reduce the appearance of cellulite! Its’ not all about beauty when it comes to collagen though, it also has use in prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis to keep joints healthy and mobile.
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