Our bodies have the ability to make this essential vitamin through sun exposure. Now that it’s warmer and you’re spending more time outdoors, you would think that this means you no longer need to take your vitamin D supplements that you’ve been taking all winter – but do you?

Well, like most things in life, it depends. Are you only taking vitamin D because you saw it on Dr. Oz or your family doctor told you it’s good for everyone to take? Have you had your levels tested? Are you actively trying to increase your levels, treat or prevent health concerns that have a connection with vitamin D? Ideally, everyone should get their vitamin D levels tested so you can know if you should continue to supplement. Even more ideal, would be a ‘peak level’ of vitamin D tested in the summer months and a ‘low level’ tested in the winter months to know how you should supplement to support your overall health. Since vitamin D is fat-soluble when taken in too high of a dose for too long it can build up in the system and cause health issues, so it’s always best to work with a health care practitioner who understands how to properly prescribe vitamins.