Naturopathic Allergy Treatment Part 2
By Meghan MacKinnon, ND
Naturopathic Doctor in Aurora and Markham, OntarioThe blessing of an early spring has caused an increase in the amount of itchy, red and watery eyes for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. This has people stocking up on things like Claritin and Benydryl to improve their symptoms, but why do some people have allergies and some don’t?

Allergies are caused by an immune reaction to a substance that is inhaled, ingested or that has come into contact with the skin. When someone with allergies inhales something like pollen, their immune system identifies the pollen as a foreign invader and sends out the army in the form of increased phlegm, mucous, itchy and watery eyes, whereas the person without allergies doesn’t recognize these substances as being abnormal.

Natural Allergy Treatment
To successfully treat allergies it is first important to identify your triggers and to take some of the stress of off your immune system by identifying potential food sensitivities and cleaning up the home. Simple things that you can do to clean up your house are:

– Remove carpets
– Trash any scented candles or room fresheners
– Don’t wear shoes in the house
– Regularly replace your their furnace filter

As an Naturopath, I will work with my patient’s to help them determine if they have any food sensitivities and will suggest things to support the immune system. If you suffer from allergies and would like more information please send me an email or call one of my practice locations.